Feb 14 Gathering For Crafts ~ Submitted by Neysa

Our next event is scheduled for Saturday February 14th at 7:00 PM.

We hope you can come. February's ritual is a mix between Imbolc and Valentine's Day. We are going to do a craft so if you want to bring some art supplies you are very wlcome to. Feel free to bring a drum. There will be a potluck following the ritual so bring something to share if you can. For more information call 206.249.3616.

Saturday February 14th - Ritual and craft 7 – 9 PM - Amethyst

Saturday March 21st – Ostara Vernal Equinox 7 – 9 PM Octavia

Saturday April 11th – Full Moon Ritual 7 – 9 PM -SunTiger

Saturday May 9th – Full Moon Ritual 7 – 9 PM Jeryze

Saturday June 20th – Midsummer Summer Solstice 7 – 9 PM SunTiger

Saturday July 11th - Earth Based Craft/Class/Meeting 7 – 9 PM Jeryze

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