Starhawk In Seattle {Submitted by SunTiger}

I carpooled to hear Permaculture Activist Starhawk’s speech, last night, (during this 17th Annual Women of Wisdom Conference in Seattle) with another Salty Pagan member.

Something that made me feel sad, and I wondered if I should even mention it here, is how Starhawk now looks as though she has significant health-burdens. She appeared very worn and tired and while I know she's a little older than me --
I felt very much aware, because of her appearance, that her voice will someday fade into silence. Certainly we all die, but seeing her not looking so vibrant is a most grievous admission.

She's such a powerful woman, I wonder what Pagan, exactly, will pick up the torch to enlighten the masses in her absence one day; as she has done for the world's benefit for so many years. {Sending Reiki healing and richest blessings her way, hoping for rapidly improved health -- perhaps Starhawk will be among the many who lead us into what some predict will be a world full of peace and harmony post Dec. 21, 2012}.

Few people are as magnetic speakers as her. Fewer still are willing to get arrested, repeatedly facing police violence in a world that values free speech “on the books” but in action (over these past few decades) video shows protesters with legitimate causes have been dishonored and beaten; even while they were bringing a valuable message to an otherwise lethargic world.

All the while her message proved strong and inspiring, very similiar to what's already written in her most recent book, The Earth Path.

. . . more on Starhawk's speech

Here's a powerful video of StarHawk talking about Permaculture and Self Sustainability.

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