Pagan Space: Cool Networking Opportunity {By SunTiger}

I will eternally feel thankful for Jeryze who introduced me to Pagan Radio Network (FREE on-line Pagan music) a while back. (See: http://www.paganradio.net/)

Well now, Pagan Radio offers a hyperlink to yet another networking opportunity for Pagans. Better than FaceBook (because it's easier, more user-friendly, more aesthetically pleasing) it's called "Pagan Space."

While many Salty Pagan members are already on FaceBook (Lydia, Neysa, Jeryze, SunTiger, more) within 2 minutes of me posting my profile on Pagan Space I received a welcome message from another Pagan from what I thought was nearby Auburn (turned out she was from Auburn PA) LOL!

Here's my new Pagan Space page page: (I hope ya'll decide to join up!)


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