Yuletide blessings {Submitted by Lydia}

So it looks like for right now, the Holly King is not wanting to let Go!
The Oak King may have to wait a few more days for the Holly King to gracefully let go of his time by the Goddess’s side until the next Summer Solstice.
The Great Mother Goddess of course is enjoying the drama as they fight over the place at her side.
So make a great noise the next few nights to scare away the Holly King’s elves mischievous efforts at winter making.
Make a great noise and ring bells to strengthen the Oak King’s resolve to come forth in the face of the GREAT Cold.
Put out a loaf of bread by the hearth overnight to bring good luck for the coming spring as the Great Wheel of Life turns.
Put stars in the windows to honor the return of the SUN.
And watch out! The winter pixies are giggling by your front doors waiting for you!
May your winter time help you slow down to feel the warmth of your heart(h).

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