More details on Tomorrow's [Open To The Public] Sabbat

Posted by SunTiger: I'm making a unicorn mask for the ritual on Saturday, June 20th [7-9 p.m.] (Please attendees, if you do not have a costume just make a mask out of paper to wear.)

Lydia has been asked to lead the spiral circle/dance again this year (like she did last Summer). I'll be bringing the fire pit. Hopefully it will NOT rain. We will be writing our cares on a piece of paper [burdens, bad habits, etc.] to throw such into the flames/sending all that we'd like to overcome away.

If anyone has flower bulbs to share . . . please bring them. I have a few crocus bulbs to bring but probably not enough for everyone. We will be blessing the bulbs, filling them with our personal desires to take home and plant in a pot or in the yard . . . so when the flower blooms this coming spring it will symbolize how that reality (of our goals/aspirations expressed during ritual) will be fully manifested.

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