FOLLOW UP: Midsummer Ritual

I [SunTiger] felt so loved and supported/nurtured by all who attended last night's Summer Solstice Ritual (amidst the grief of Doug's dad passing on the night prior). Thank you for all the loving words and support in action intended for Doug and his family! You are all so awesome!

The costumes worn to this Sabbat were truly fun and entertaining if not utterly beautiful. I felt truly blessed to be the evening's organizer -- with so many wonderful people proving so willing to step in for ensuring the program's success. It was especially uplifting to see and hear laughter while we danced the spiral. Thank you all for honoring the circle - for creating sacred space as spiritual beings and for helping to raise such joyous, fun and healing energy.

Having so many visitors on this ritual night felt like such a soothing ointment. Hail and welcome to all who came and to anyone who wants to attend in the future. Merry meet and merry part (definitely, may we meet merrily again and again).

~ SunTiger

P.S. All photos are provided by Nathan via his cellular phone. {Thank you Nate}

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