This coming Saturday night, from 7-9 p.m., April 11, 2009, join the Saltwater Earth Based Spirituality group for a FREE public ritual and a tribal-style healing ceremony. Led by SunTiger (of SunTiger MOJO) you are asked to bring:

  • Either your voice and/or an instrument for healthful noise making (e.g., rattle, traveling drum, tambourine)
  • Your pendulum if you have mastered its use. Otherwise, pendulum dowsers will be available to help guide you into pursuing the appropriate role for healing ceremony participation.
  • A potluck item for the after-feast
  • An open mind -- willingness to connect to Spirit and to work with Divine energy for healing.

Have questions? Email SunTiger@usa.com directly.

Driving Directions: Unitarian Universalist church: 25701 14th Pl S, Des Moines

Official Announcement: This full Pagan public ritual will feature loud noise-making and other acts of merriment. We will call upon helpful Spirits and Healing Goddesses/Divine Energy to cleanse and purify our bodies, minds and souls. This tribal sort of healing effort will involve the selective & ancient act of laying on of hands. Healing will be the highlight of this convivial atmosphere. All who are open minded and willing to witness miracles are invited to participate fully. Bring your tambourine, finger cymbals and/or singing/chanting voice. (We will be making noise.)

Like many droplets of water working together to make powerful waves in the ocean, together we are also very magical and able to make miraculous
change together.

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