2009 Spring Faerie Festival Photos

Don't forget our big public ritual, the Tribal Healing Circle, happens Sat. April 11 - and it will be led by SunTiger (scroll down for more details). Bring your pendulum, if you know how to use one. Also bring noise makers.

The following images are from the 2009 Spring Faerie Festival in Tacoma, WA Double-click any photo to enlarge it. I'm sorry for any blurry image . . . (posted them anyway to show how awesome were the costumes).

Above, see Angela: The Magickal Faerie who organized, strategized and otherwise fantasized to make this incredible event come together. {Thank you, Angela. We had so much fun!}

I should have gotten Amy Brown's photo but failed {Sorry} Meanwhile: we had so many talented, famous and good-looking vendors, it seemed impossible to photograph them all . . .
Just look and see some of the shoppers (below)!
Where can you go in the world and see more beautiful Faeries such as those on planet Earth?
Belly dancing . . . {Good music and beauty with rhythm everywhere}
This blurry photo does NOT do justice to this purple-faerie's costume. Her make-up was impeccable. Her outfit hand-sewn. BEAUTIFUL vendor!
I laughed so hard at this knight who made his presence known by sneaking up behind me to take a bite out of my Faerie wings before declaring: "Mmmmmm delicious." His partner had such a supportive and calming way about her.
I have to say the above pictured {dark faerie} got me to laughing so hard. I met her in the upstairs hall where she screetched at me. I was so taken back at first, I forgot to give her my famous faerie "twitter-tongue" in reply.
Have you ever seen a more festive vendor? Truly should be in movies, cute as she is.
No faerie costume is complete without a lot of attitude and charm.

I felt very honored to meet such welcoming and beautiful faerie-vendors.
Woodland folk also showed up for participating in the event.
The perfectly posed vendor on the right is honestly NOT a mannequin. She's a living, breathing -doll (daughter to the beautiful faerie pictured, left).
These herb faeries were so fun to talk to. I learned about Nigerian Dwarf Goats (among other fascinating herb and Earth-friendly subjects) from chatting with the two of them.
While this vendor agreed to allow me to take his photo -- he seemed to glare. (Lesson: not all Faeries are happy to work with mere humans).
What's a festival without a wizard-magician???
Magick was in the air -- and this Palm-Reader Faerie looks the part.
Have you ever seen a sweeter Faerie; ever?
This very fun Faerie-shopper knows where to go for fun festivities: the annual Spring Faerie Festival!
The blue Faerie was so welcoming: the perfect receptionist!
Whoo-hoo (the above pictured saucy Faerie knows how to get attention).

Here I am (yours truly) SunTiger. A little boy at the festival said I looked like the "devil's-faery." I didn't realize I looked so dark -- was going for bright and fun -- but that just goes to prove: "Magick is in the eyes of the beholder."

There were so many more costumes and fascinating people I met at the Faerie Festival who are not featured in these photos. Thank you, Angela (owner of Crescent Moon Gifts) for putting this festive event together. See everybody again next year [I'll be developing a more elaborate costume by then].

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