Saturday March 21st Ritual at 7 PM

Merry Meet ~
Octavia leads the ritual: Saturday March 21, 2009, 7 PM at the Saltwater Church in Des Moines (see address/driving directions in the left column).

  • An item that represents Earth Mother or Mother to you
    examples: a photo, statue, a painting something you have created . . .
  • You may also bring flowers or plants, perhaps even something you may not have planted yet
  • We share in potluck after ritual so please bring something you would like to share for the after-feast
  • Divination tools for after-the ritual


  1. My heart felt congratulations to Octavia, on an excellent ritual, Satureday night.I was impressed in the solom reverence she guided us in a time of inward ascension and ultimate connection to our Mother, the Earth.Using the cakes and ale tradition to renew our vows to Her protection.A great ambience of wonder and awe filled the Hall permeated all that attended. Blessed Be Octavia.
    Following tarot readings and a feast of plenty was afforded to us. and as always excellent and challenging conversation.
    Love and Light

  2. Jeryze ~ Thank you for your comment (about the blessing you received from ritual). See you at NEXT month's gathering!


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