Famous & Prestigious: Salty Pagan Member! {posted by SunTiger}|

We always knew it. Member Jeryze (aka: Jerome W. Pipitone/pictured) is an awesome and inspirational poet as well as a respected Pagan chaplain and good friend. Meanwhile -- we at the Saltwater Earth Based Spirituality Group want to sing his praises extra loudly right now because The Pagan Activist (on-line magazine) is recognizing the value of his poetic messages too!

Here are a few of Jeryze's published poems (for your admiring review). After clicking on the title, you will need to scroll down to read each individual masterpiece; but do not weap! It's totally worth the effort (they're all published on the same page).

Hurray for Jeryze. {Keep up the inspiring work, buddy!}

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