Rules for the Pallomancy Circle (Feb 27th)

By coming to the Pallomancy Circle EVERY PARTICIPANT AGREES TO:

* Mentally prepare. Come to the circle with love in your heart and an open mind. Burning Sage will be provided on site for those who would like to be purified by smoke.

* Take personal responsibility to be honoring and respectful of all others in the circle at all times. THIS IS A TRIBAL EFFORT. All participants will recognize their value as members of a tribe of spiritual beings and work for the advantage of that tribe as a unit.

* This circle is for group spiritual advancement. Consider the collective experience our highest priority. We will explore topics that the THE TRIBE DETERMINES it needs to explore (such as how to prepare for the future). The objective for this circle is NOT for individual forecasts.

* If any participant feels uncomfortable with any content discussed during circle, s/he is free to not participate without fear of judgment or penalty. At no point shall an individual feel at liberty to verbally criticize or be a distraction from the group effort. Individuals who begin to feel uncomfortable, at any time, may freely leave the circle on without fear of criticism.

* As spiritual beings, we have the right to exercise our free will. As a spiritual tribe, we have the right to explore spiritual truths together, being fully untethered by any judgmental or limited thinking.

* Pallomancy circles are very safe. All participants agree to help maintain that loving, nurturing and spiritual environment for the greatest advancement and spiritual learning for all involved.


  1. Looking forward to attending this event.
    I am a solitare looking for others in the area to grow with.

    I have never used Pallomancy and am interested in learning about it.

    )o( Jeff

  2. Awesome Jeff. See you there! (Remember to show up at 6:30 if you have never used a pendulum before). We'll catch you up to speed for participating with the larger group!


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