Next Public Ritual: Saturday, August 1, 6:30-9 p.m.

Lady Lydia will be Head Priestess for this Lammas Public Ritual on Saturday, August 1, 2009. The ritual will begin at 7p.m. (as usual) but come :30 minutes early for learning new songs during "ingathering." We'll be celebrating outdoors. All are invited to contribute to the afterfeast and a suggestion is made to bring cakes shaped like stars and moons.

Here Is The Announcement Submitted By Lady Lydia:
Come celebrate the height of the summer heat where the sun's strength supports our efforts to grow and begin harvesting the fruits of our spiritual and mundane labors. As always we celebrate the cycle of death and rebirth with a ceremony for raising energies to help us let go and open up to the new. As one lets go, one makes room for new insight, emotion, prosperity and peace. Bring simple cake or cookie shaped as stars and moons to represent the first
harvest of grains. Bring straw to shape into male or female figures to represent emotional or
psychic issues you wish to let go of in the sacred fire of renewal. And bring your blessed self to just be in the heat of the high summer as we rarely experience it here in the NW.

  • August 1st. SAT. 6:30 PM ingathering and learn new songs
  • 7PM circle will be cast
  • 8:30 PM breaking bread and sharing community

Until then,
Lady Lydia

INSIDER's NOTES: Lady Lydia is making a strawman to burn. There will some sort of stick cage to hold the straw man and any papers or other objects people may want to burn during ritual. Drums , bells, rattles etc. are encouraged. The ritual will be located at the usual place, Des Moines Unitarian Universal Church, but this time the ritual will happen out-of-doors. [See left column for address and driving directions.]

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