Casting The Circle Sat., May 9, 7-9 p.m.

In regards to THIS SATURDAY NIGHT's ritual . . . Any time I am leading out for ritual PLEASE HONOR THE CIRCLE AS SACRED SPACE AND PLEASE DO NOT ENTER OR LEAVE IT DURING CEREMONY. If you are late, please follow ritual from OUTSIDE the circle. Advise children who are not participating, that they too must NOT cross the circle boundary.

IMPORTANCE OF CASTING A CIRCLE: GUARDING IT AS HOLY GROUND {I will create a hand-out so whomever calls the four quarters during this Full Moon ritual so they will be able to reiterate the concepts behind this truth}. The witch, shaman or root-worker who holds the sword/besom/wand for casting the circle takes a lot of responsibility for the safety and sanctity of the circle. If you are participating and MUST leave the circle for an emergency . . . approach that Pagan and ask that a doorway be cut for you to exit.


Unlike many religions that require buildings be made of brick, wood or stone, we Pagans create holy ground wherever we cast our circle: indoors or outdoors. A circle is a deeply spiritual and sacred space. A ceremonial circle allows positive energy to come in and the casting sends negativity out. THIS PURE AND HOLY SITUATION IS WHY THE CIRCLE MUST NOT BE BROKEN WHILE WE DO OUR WORK. WE ARE CHANNELING SPIRIT ENERGY IN THE PURE AND CLEAN CIRCLE ENVIRONMENT WHICH WE, OUR ANCESTORS, AND HELPFUL/HEALING ENERGIES HAVE DESIGNATED AS "HOLY GROUND."

As a group of Pagans -- following any of a number of paths (Shaman, Wiccan, etc) the circle can be thought about as though it were a purified petri dish (or think of us as the potato salad at the picnic). Just as the petri dish needs to remain covered to keep contaminates out - so our circle needs to remain CLOSED during ceremony to maintain the sanctity of the energy we raised.

It is very important, as a community, to counsel one another about the sanctity of circle. Sanctity does NOT mean "boring." It means "RESPECT." The energy work we do is very powerful. Running in and out of circle breaks the energetic vortex and it can allow negative energy and even fowl-spirits inside (contaminates, if you will) that have the potential to spoil any spell or ritual work.

Perhaps I [SunTiger] will bring a rope or skein-of-yarn to designate the edge of the circle this Saturday Night so folks have a visual cue: NOT to cross it during ceremony. Perhaps our circle caster will lay that yarn as s/he casts the circle (if this is deemed most helpful).

Richest blessings everyone. If you have any questions/comments/concerns in this regard you may certainly either reply via email or call me on my cel phone: 253.561.3444.

~ SunTiger

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