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Welcome and Merry Meet! Greetings in the bounty of our Mother Earth, nature Gods, triple Goddesses, animal and ancestor spirits and blessings from all aspects of nature. Join us as we work the way of the wise together!


  1. This is SunTiger writing: inviting ya'll to LEAVE A COMMENT. {Thank you, Dulcea, for sharing the above posted video!}

  2. I'm hoping that So County Pagans can rally together in support against all the hatred out there with the Palinites. That prayer? is only one of many devised out of their ignorance. Of which they relish in. To paraphrase their own Messiah," By hatred you live by. by hatred you;ll die by." From the 1400"s to the 1880's, the period when the "Whitches Hammer" was in action, secular historians claim that over 9 Million women and men were brutally hanged, burned, or drowned, in the name of "Jesus", to rid themselves of their competition. If you are not registered to vote you have until Oct. 4th you can do it online you only need your drivers lic#. Get busy get the word out to your friends, we are Pagans, we are proud, and we vote!! this is a great is a great site. lets have some fun and bring peace to a divided world through our example; Oneness.

  3. Palinites? You're going to have to educate me. I tried looking that word up in the dictionary but just like so many OTHER important things that people "in the know" talk about . . . the dictionary has no definition.

  4. What a great time had by all.
    Karen really showed us all a fun and high energy night.
    I was so pleased That thr Energy part of the ritual was lead by the children of the parents atending. Karen let them play drums, rattles, and verbalize with shouts, squeeles, laughter and singing?:0 What a way, especially for those of us that can't physically enter into the energy raising ourselves. To feel the incredible amount of energy output by our toddlers and preteens present at the ritual. And what better way iof teaching our children our ways of belief within Paganism than letting them experiencing what we experience through group ritual and at home.
    Thank you Karen for your preparation and the gift of the entire night! I didn't get to sleep till 1 AM And woke up with a bit of an energy hang over:)
    Amethyst HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! We wish you could have been with us but a secial night is a Birthday.


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